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Customized Trainings

Below are a list of the trainings I provide to teams and organizations.  These trainings can be customized to meet your organizational needs and time frames.

“Over 20 of our team members participated in an Art of Hosting workshop to learn practical and highly applicable discussion techniques. It was immediately evident that the highly adaptable tools fit our culture of engagement. Over the last year, workshop attendees repeatedly used our newly acquired skills to effectively facilitate varied discussions and decision-making. And we hired Kevin to deliver training to our full staff. We value this approach and experience and continue to benefit from it.”
Margie Harris, Executive Director, ENERGY TRUST OF OREGON

Our Trainings Deliver…

Tired of powerpoint trainings that are boring and not engaging?  I use a blend of training methods to increase participant engagement and allows all participants to learn in ways that best suit their learning style. All trainings are interactive, informative and engaging.

  • Project experimentation involves trainees acting out a new skill in a simulated environment, and learning from feedback from other participants.

  • Small and large group discussions help learners clarify their understanding of the new information.
  • Accountability and real work application


People are different, that we know.  Working with people who are different than us is one of the greatest challenges at work.  Learning how to communicate, make decisions, lead, initiate change is all influenced by how we see the world through our unique personality lens.  By using the Enneagram as a personality model we can better navigate relationships and understand each other to make working together more harmonious and effective.


CONNECTING ACROSS DIFFERENCES: Developing the tools of dialogue listening and difference

More and more these times are calling for new ways of conversation and dialogue. The old way of me against you conversations are not serving us well.  Connecting Across Differences is an experience and practice based workshop that will provide you with the tools for constructive and healthy dialogue and conversation.



Leadership is changing.  We are moving away from hierarchal structures to shared, relational leadership.  We will look at the different forms that leadership can take and how and when to use these different forms.  Our focus will be how leadership can become more collaborative and participatory.


YOU WANT TO WHAT? CHANGE LAB: Co-creating new realities, leading transitions and tackling complex problems with grace, passion and purpose 

Whether it’s a minor adjustment to a program or a major shift in direction, change always has the tendency to be a mine field. Learn how to navigate change with grace, passion and purpose.  You will learn the different reactions to change that arise and ways to successfully navigate the change process.



Developing the tools of personal creativity and integrating those creative skills with our work is essential to bringing our whole person to the workplace.  Getting stuck in a project or reaching a dead end can be turned around by assessing the more creative aspects of our selves and our workplace.



Ideas are easy.  Moving ideas into action is one of the hardest parts of implementing any project or idea.  We will show you the flow of action planning and how to navigate, assess and structure action plans for the best results.  We will develop strategic action plans and move participant’s projects forward.



This workshop will build and practice the skills of participation, collective leadership and collaboration. You will learn unique tools of collaboration that encourage input, ideas and conversation from everyone.  You will be able to take these tools and implement them immediately into real life situations and personal work.



Conflict is inevitable.  How you deal with conflict is one of the defining elements of how you work together with others when things get tough.  Typical damaging conflict patterns will be identified.  We will then discover other possible patterns of action that can be used during conflict. Dealing with conflict in a healthy way is what builds healthy and productive teams.



Learning how everything works together and how to lead from an integral viewpoint is the basis of Integral Theory.  You will learn the theory behind Integral thought and then discover how an Integral view impacts your work.  You will develop an Integral grid that will allow you see the world and your work in a holistic way.



Developing personal skills of presence and awareness is one of the most important tools of leadership.  Learning to pause, reflect deeply and then respond from a place of inner resourcefulness and courage is essential.  Developing balance between the tensions of work, relationships and your personal passion will create for you a sustainable future.