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Birkman Assessment

How would you like to facilitate significant and lasting change in individuals and teams? The Birkman Method® is a foundational assessment that can complement and drive many personal and organizational initiatives.

The Birkman can facilitate all components for social and emotional intelligence that leaders require to create peak performance for themselves, their teams and organizations.

Learn the hidden dimension that determines whether you are operating from your strengths or in stress mode!

Find out the key Interests that drive you and predict harmony or conflict with others – and is a powerful indicator of your passions and career preferences!

Determine your Organizational Focus – this indicates the strengths you bring to the organization and the potential conflicts if the organizational culture is very different from you!

This is the most powerful motivational assessment on the market and can accelerate the learning curve of how to truly lead and motivate yourself and your team. It accurately measures the factors that predict both performance and job satisfaction. It’s also an incredible way to gain understanding of what peak performance looks like for yourself or any member of your team and how to drive peak performance in your team and organization.

Identifying Motivations that Improve Performance

The Birkman Method identifies the respondent’s everyday interpersonal style (usual leadership mode), and unlike most other popular assessments, gives unique insights into underlying intrinsic motivations and needs. Research has proven that intrinsic motivators are a stronger factor in predicting satisfied and engaged employees! And, stress behaviors are identified when these needs are not met. We begin to understand fully why a person is reacting to certain situations and interactions with others.

“Knowing the underlying motivations and the consequences of unmet needs give us an effective and reliable way to improve workplace performance and reduce conflict.”

Dr. Roger Birkman, Creator of The Birkman Method

The Birkman Method® is a personality, social perception, and occupational interest assessment identifying behavioral styles, motivations, expectations, and stress behaviors. Kevin Hiebert offers a full line of Birkman methods in the Portland, Or and Vancouver, WA areas.

The Birkman Method® consists of a 298-item questionnaire and a series of related report formats that facilitate

  • Pre-Employment and On-boarding
  • Individual Development
  • Team Building
  • Leadership Development
  • Executive Team
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Communications
  • Stress Management
  • Culture Management
  • Mergers/Acquisitions and Succession Planning
  • Sales and Negotiation
  • Succession Planning
  • Leadership Coaching

The Birkman Method® combines motivational, behavioral, and interest evaluation into one single assessment, which provides a multi-dimensional and comprehensive analysis, thus reducing the need for multiple assessments. The questionnaire is delivered online and should take about 45 minutes to complete. It has been translated into 12 languages in addition to English.

The Birkman Method includes the five following major perspectives as well as information on over 60 different dimensions of you as a leader:

  • Usual Behavior – an individual’s effective behavioral style of dealing with relationships and tasks
  • Underlying Needs – an individual’s expectations of how relationships and social situations should be governed
  • Stress Behaviors – the behavior observed when underlying needs are not met
  • Interests – an individual’s expressed preference for areas that drive passions and can create stress
  • Organizational Focus – the perspective in which an individual views problems and solutions relating to organizational goals. And, how their Organizational Focus contributes to the goals of the organization and where they “fit in” with the team and the culture of the organization

Birkman Method® offers the most robust tool to provide leaders and others with:

  • Self-awareness
  • Self-management
  • Social awareness
  • Relational management
  • Occupational and recreational interest profiling

Birkman Method® Helps You Understand Your Style and Needs

  • What are your styles?
  • When your needs are met?
  • When you are stressed?

What are your NEEDS

  • Self ConsciousnessYour use of sensitivity when communicating with others
  • Social Energy: Your sociability, approachability and preference for group and team participation
  • Insistence: Your approach to details, structure, follow-through and routine
  • Assertiveness: Your tendency to speak up and express opinions openly and forcefully
  • Incentives:  Your drive for personal rewards or preferences to share in group rewards  
  • Physical Energy:  Your preferred pace for action and physical expression of energy
  • Emotional Energy: Your openness and comfort with expressing emotion
  • Restlessness:  How you prefer to focus attention or change focus and seek varied activities
  • Freedom: How much freedom do you need?
  • Thought: Your decision making process and concern for consequences in making the right decision
  • Challenge: How much challenge do you need in life and how do you respond to challenge?
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Student Career Management Plus

Don’t wait to be clear about what next steps to take! For less than the cost of a single college credit hour, you will save thousands of dollars by being clear on what direction to follow semester after semester. Environmental needs and one’s truest interests with regard to career will be uncovered and explored in this clarity gaining session. In your Job Families and Job Titles report, there are direct links to the O-NET and websites which are proud partners of the American Job Center Network. The Student Career Management Plus package that includes the Birkman Method Questionnaire, multiple report sets, and a one-hour coaching session is perfect for students and anyone wanting to confidently discover and follow a path they can be passionate about.


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Birkman Assessment Consulting Package

You will receive in total a 42-page comprehensive packet. The Birkman Assessment Consulting Package includes taking the Birkman Method Signature Report Questionnaire, plus a custom-made (massive) set of Birkman reports and a 60-minute coaching consultation that will break down 9 signature components of your unique personality. Each and every component reveals three aspects of you and your personal drives. At the end of our talk, you will have a permission slip to live your best life at work and at home! You will undeniably know what your needs are and have an unshakable desire to meet your needs. Expect to have many  “Ah-ha”  moments during this 60-minute coaching consultation.


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All On Board: On-Boarding/Manager-Employee Consulting Package

Navigating the Manger and Employee relationship is one of the keys to a successful team.   Everyone approach leadership, conflict, communications and feedback in different ways.

A full feedback from the Birkman Signature Suite is the best way to develop a deep sense of self-understanding. Yet, Birkman goes further by creating reports that allow you to compare yourself to your supervisor, direct report, or colleague.

A two-person comparative report highlights the similarities that two people have and also points out the areas they have for potential conflict. Because each individual has a unique world view, there will always be areas for misunderstanding or communication issues in relationships. A Birkman comparative report can enable two people to work together better with fewer conflicts, more productivity, and greater mutual understanding.

Comparative and group reporting is exceptionally useful for talent selection, conflict resolution, team building, and employee onboarding.

You will receive in total a 42-page comprehensive packet. The Be Clear Consulting Package includes taking the Birkman Method Questionnaire, the Basics, plus a custom-made (massive) set of Birkman reports and a 90-minute consultation that will break down 11 signature components of your unique personality. Each and every component reveals three aspects of you and your personal drives. At the end of our talk, you will have a permission slip to live your best life! You will undeniably know what your needs are and have an unshakable desire to meet your needs. Expect to have many  “Ah-ha”  moments during this 60-minute consultation where the time will fly by.


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Premium Coaching Package

The Premium Consulting Package includes taking the Birkman Signature Suite Report, Career Explorations report and the Signature suite Report summary, the Move Into Action Canvas and a two follow-up 60-minute coaching sessions.  You will receive in total a 42-page comprehensive packet.

The invaluable coaching sessions will explore the common themes found in your personal reports so it can best serve you for years to come. We will explore the most feasible strategies to get the most out of your life, interactions with groups and individuals, both personally and professionally. In this discussion, you will get the maximum self-knowledge and actionable guidance out of this amazing leadership assessment tool.


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